• Season: 1
  • Episode: 3

Fourteen straight days of rain.. If there was anyone else alive in the city, I had to find them - before we drowned. I had watched enough TV to know even the smallest clues were important.

Nice to have my fascination with mysteries finally pay off.. not to mention my addiction to lemonade. From the size of the footprint, I could tell it was a man... Which got me wondering, what else do we have in common? I tried to imagine what would happen if we were the only ones? What if we hated each other? That would be hell. He'd done all the things I should've done. Trying to make contact.

The more I knew about this man, the more I liked him. If only I hadn't hid myself in my hotel room, maybe he would've seen me. He moved right into this store's Home Interiors section. Couldn't help poking around. Every personal detail made him feel more real, and me less alone. His name was Glenn Wilkins. He was British, 44, happily married as far as I can tell. In New York on business.

I know exactly how he felt. At least I thought I did. But the minute I saw his letter, I got a sinking feeling.

"I haven't slept in days. I just want to sleep - not wake up. Not here. I miss you all so terribly. If I knew you were alive, I could get by. Without knowing, the pain I could no longer bear," said the letter.

"No, WAIT. STOP!" Russell screamed, noticing that Glenn was about to jump.

"I could longer bear..."

I realised I wasn't in hell - hell would have been a relieve. I'd know my fate. This was limbo - purgatory. Some place between 'Thank god I'm alive' and 'I wish I was dead'. But then, it dawned on me.. there is still hope. Hope that one day.. one day you'll be in a better place.

Russell Shoemaker, Purgatory

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