• Season: 1
  • Episode: 2

I kept waiting for the rain to stop. Soon as it does, I told myself, I'd go outside. Explore the city. But after 11 days, the rain showed no signs of stopping. And I realised it wasn't the rain I was scared of. I was the thought of not finding anyone. That I really was the last man on Earth.

But there was a greater fear - a primal fear: starving to death. By Day 14, I had completely exhausted the hotel kitchen supplies.

I'd come a long way since The Fall. Must've tried calling home a dozen times that first morning, but the cell didn't work. Nothing worked. Lights, cars, computers.. anything using electrical energy was dead. Just like all the people seem to be.

There was no sign of war or disaster, not until you look closer. Something had happened in the middle of the night. Something inexplicable.

My first instinct was panic. But that's why I married Janelle, her instincts were better than mine. "Good luck today, Russ. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to. We believe in you. J and Kiz." a note from Janelle said.

Had to stay positive, that was my goal. Figured there was enough food to last me weeks, maybe months. What I didn't figure was how fast things would go bad. And, I wasn't the only mouth to feed. Rats, mice, roaches.. none of them were affected by The Fall.

And now, 14 days later.. the city was like a cemetary. Kinda place you didn't want to be in at night. Thought I was trapped in a nightmare you can't wake up from.

But once I realised I wasn't gonna starve, another hunger set in - a deeper need. The worst thing about loneliness is you're never really alone. You're stuck with yourself. Your mind fills in the silence with all kinds of strange thoughts - thoughts you have no control over. It was getting harder.. and harder.. to suppress those thoughts. Felt myself drowning in a sea of doubt.

But then, I saw something. Something that helped me stay afloat. I wasn't alone...

Russell Shoemaker, Detritus

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