Russell Shoemaker
Russell Shoemaker.png
Also known as The Wanderer
Gender Male
Age 30
Job (before the Fall) Advertising Executive
Job (after the Fall) Traveller
Organisation None
Debut The Big Day
Episodes 130
Features Spectacled 30-year-old technologist.

Russell Shoemaker is the protagonist of Afterworld, an advertising executive from Seattle, Washington. He has a wife, Janelle, and a daughter, Kizzy. Both of them were in Seattle before "The Fall."

In hope of scoring big by spreading his campaign, he travels to New York City. The next day, he realizes that something is wrong with the world and later finds out about The Fall. He starts travelling home after The Fall, and during his journey he meets many people and creates friends and enemies. Russell has several dreams of his daughter which proves to be important throughout the series.

He hears many theories about what may have caused The Fall from various factions and individuals during his 3000-mile journey.