Janelle Shoemaker
Janelle Shoemaker.png
Also known as Janelle
Gender Female
Age 30
Job (before the Fall) Social Worker Supervisor
Job (after the Fall) Unknown edit
Organisation None
Debut The Big Day
Episodes Unknown edit
Features Wife to Russell Shoemaker

Janelle Shoemaker is Russell Shoemaker's wife, the protagonist of Afterworld. Both of them have a daughter, Kizzy.

The last known of Janelle is in Seattle, Washington. She is always supportive of Russell's ambitions, until recently. She appears to be the perfect wife, but is she?

Throughout Season 1, Russell is seen trekking through America to come home to Janelle and Kizzy. Upon reaching his home, though, he finds his bed with the impression of a body and some mold growing, tell-tale signs proving to him that Janelle was disintegrated during the first pulse of the Fall.