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Main characters[]

The main characterers of the Afterworld are the Shoemakers:

New York City[]

A list of characters in New York City:

  • Glenn Wilkins - A 44-year-old British citizen in New York for business.
  • Officer Delondre Baines - A NYPD mounted police officer.
  • Mr. Tanaka - A Japanese immigrant and World War II atomic bomb survivor.
  • Battery Bill - Just embarked on a lucrative trade business with Flashlight Sue.
  • Flashlight Sue - Joined Battery Bill as a business partner after The Fall.
  • Marla Baker - Lost her husband to The Fall and is a mother of Jason Baker.
  • Jason Baker - Marla's seven-year-old son who is rescued by Russell from The Pack.


A list of characters at Philadelphia:

  • Eli - Lost everything he had in 1999 for reasons he does not disclose. He became homeless in NYC shortly thereafter.
  • Jack Hastings - Russell raids Hastings's mansion for vital supplies and information.
  • Ed Hanley - Astronomer from Virginia and a fugitive from a religious cult that was created after The Fall.
  • Horseman #1 - Not much is known about the first horseman during Philadelphia episodes, except that he is one of Ed's hunters.

New Eden[]

A list of characters from New Eden, Pennsylvania:

  • John Daggert - Former insurance salesman. The self-appointed leader and prophet of New Eden.
  • Abby - A home schooled teenager before "The Fall." She is now one of JD's loyal disciples.
  • Luther Gates - A former mailman originally from Maryland. Reluctant occupant of New Eden because he was captured by the Horsemen.
  • Horsemen - New Eden's assassins/kidnappers.


A list of characters at Aurora, Ohio:

  • Terri - Dedicated mom-turned-sniper, who lived her whole life in Aurora.
  • Sanjay Pathak - Popular suburban pharmacist; born in England.
  • Jeff Kettleman - A salesman-turned-hedonist.
  • Horseman #1 - Former National Guardsman turned New Edenite.

Peebles/Southern Ohio[]

A list of character(s) from Southern Ohio near Peebles, Ohio:

  • Feral Boy - A mysterious boy who appears before Russell several times during his journey.


A list of characters from Louisville, Kentucky:

  • Arnold Schaffer - Founder and leader of the New World Historians; travelling to document the history of The Fall.
  • Contrarian - Stalker of the New World Historians.


A list of characters from Nashville, Tennessee:

  • Charles Keyes - Cold-hearted New World Historians; dispatched to track Russell.
  • Subu - Former mercenary/guerilla fighter wanted by Interpol. Skilled tracker, teamed with Charles to hunt down Russell.
  • Alice Sivley - A simple woman who Went from rags to riches after The Fall.
  • Travis Jay - Engineering student working at a gas station the night of The Fall.
  • Horsemen #2 - Nothing is known of the Second Horsemen.


A list of characters from Memphis, Tennessee:

  • Eli - Still wandering the country searching for the elusive perfect taffy; has taken up residence in Graceland.
  • Karen Thomas - A local hospital worker working to find a cure for a flesh-eating virus.
  • Aaron Canton - An expert in blood-borne diseases whose own blood may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of The Fall.
  • Ted Murphy - A hot-tempered college gridion hero whom Russell encounters when he joins the Nurse's Control Group.
  • Ellen Murphy - The newly-wed bride of Ted Murphy.


A list of characters from the Ozarks:

  • Charles Keyes
  • Subu
  • Ellen Murphy
  • Donald Powell III - An affluent businessman turned bounty hunter who pursues Russell through the Ozarks.

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